Bayer Microlet Colored Lancets - 100 Count

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Ascensia Bayer Microlet Colored Lancets - 100 Silicone Pieces

  • Silicone coated for easier, gentler testing
  • Available in Seven (7) vibrant colors to allow color coded testing
  • Colored lancets give you visual feedback to remind you to change your lancets more often

For Use With

  • Microlet Next 

Instructions For Use

  • Loosen the round protective cap on a lancet by rotating the cap 1/4 turn, but do not remove the cap
  • Insert the lancet firmly into the lancing device comes to a complete stop
  • Twist off the round protective lancet 
  • Save cap for disposing of the used lancet 
  • Eject and dispose of the used lancet 
  • See instructions provided with your lancing device 


  • Do not use if protective cap has been previously removed
  • Do not reuse