About Us


We're the small dedicated team at xeteor (pronounced zee-tee-or), established in 2018 and based in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.  We do everything "at the speed of right." If you're looking for a more personal, stress-free, high quality experience buying diabetic test strips, we're for you!

We specialize in customers who pay out of pocket for their test strips.

  • Customers with no insurance.
  • Customers with insurance but have high insurance co-pays.
  • Customers who are in the Medicare "donut-hole".

We can save you up to 80% off the retail price vs your local/chain pharmacy.

  • Since we don't deal with insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, we cut out the middle man and give you the lowest price.
  • We ship all orders from one location in Las Vegas, Nevada, so we don't have expensive retail rents to cover by overcharging you.
  • Skip wearing the mask & gloves to visit your local pharmacy.  We ship orders directly to your home for free anywhere in the USA.

What makes us different?

  • We let you choose the exact box & expiration date for your test strips.
  • We offer FREE shipping with no minimum order.
  • We protect your merchandise with extra bubble wrap, so it arrives perfect like the picture.
  • We ship your order in thermal mailers to ensure protection from high heat.
  • We offer an industry leading 100-day return policy.
  • We pay for your return shipping and do not charge restocking fees.
  • We offer personalized service that larger sellers & retail pharmacies don't.

Kanpeki = Perfect, Complete, Flawless

The Japanese have a word called "kanpeki" or perfection in English.  Perfection means what you see is exactly what you get.

We brought this philosophy to healthcare, specifically diabetic test strips and it's pretty simple.  We always show you the exact expiration date and type of box (retail, mail-order, etc.) you'll receive.  We package our orders carefully in temperature controlled mailers to ensure your products arrive at your doorstep looking exactly like the picture and working perfectly.  If for some reason it doesn't look like the picture, we offer you an industry leading 100-day return policy and pay for your return shipping. That's pretty much it.

We try to be perfect.

Since our 2018 launch, we've shipped over 15,000 packages.  2,500+ 5-star reviews make us one of the most reputable sellers consistently delivering outstanding customer service.  We're obsessed with perfection, so "knock on wood" our streak will continue for the foreseeable future.


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A little more about us.

Being based in Las Vegas, immediately brings the worst to mind.  We live in a casino, gambling, and partying until the sun comes up every night.

Being perfect means being boring.  We bring our A+ game everyday. We try to acknowledge and remember all of our customers.  We double, triple, quadruple check orders to ensure you get exactly what you ordered.  As part of being perfect, we believe orders should be shipped lightning fast (like same-day fast). 

Under-promise and over-deliver is our motto so we promise 24 to 48 hours to package your order.  However, shipping from the Pacific Time Zone means we can ship your order until 9pm PST (midnight EST). Don't be surprised if you place an order 8pm EST and it ships the same night.  We love when that happens and you will too!

Learn more about what we offer - 5 Reasons To Buy From Us.

We look forward to giving you a 5-star experience!

- Team Xeteor