About Us

xeteor xeteor-pronunciation-symbol-1-.jpg[zee-tee-or]

Our Mission

Started in 2018 and based in Las Vegas, Nevada, xeteor.com has become the #1 Drugstore & Online Pharmacy for affordable over-the-counter healthcare products according to Trustpilot.com. We focus on personalized friendly customer service, a simple website with clearly marked expiration dates, combined with competitive pricing & fast shipping to bring you service that’s out of this world.


About us 

xeteor.com has 20+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. We partner with licensed wholesalers & manufacturers to offer consumers discounts usually reserved for large pharmacies & insurance companies in the healthcare industry.  

We started with diabetic test strips and focused on uninsured or underinsured consumers. With an average savings of over 80% on a box of test strips and based on consumer enthusiasm (5,000+ five-star reviews), we expanded into offering hundreds of over-the-counter pharmacy items based on the same formula.

Not only is pricing a significant pain point for consumers shopping for healthcare products but finding reputable retailers who offer exceptional customer service is rare. Before xeteor.com, the norms were poor product information/images, exorbitant shipping charges and policies, such as 15% restocking fees, and customers paying for return shipping.  

With large product images, complete drug information, & labeled expiration dates, our simple interface quickly became a hit. We became the #1 drugstore and online pharmacy based on consumer reviews due to our free shipping (no minimum order), industry-leading 100-day return policy with free return shipping, and multiple payment options, including PayPal, Venmo, and Apple/Google Pay.  


There’s shopping on Earth, and there’s shopping on xeteor.com!

Easy access and affordable prices for diabetic supplies have been the game plan since 2018. Uninsured and underinsured customers need a safe haven to purchase their needed supplies. By cutting out insurance and the middle man, we are able to provide affordable low-cost supplies. 

When you shop with us, your health is in your hands. By being transparent with our products, you get to read detailed drug facts information and pick your own expiration dates. Once you’ve purchased, you don’t have to worry about where or when your product will arrive, due to our diligent customer service team who keeps a close eye on your package’s whereabouts. After your order has been delivered, you’ll notice a personal hand-written note dedicated to you. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, we offer an industry-leading 100-day return policy, with free return shipping and no restocking fees.   

The combination of competitive prices & award-winning customer service led to our saying: there’s shopping on Earth & there’s shopping on xeteor.com!