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How do we package our shipments?

The answer is with care, bubble wrap, and thermal mailers.

When it comes to packaging over-the-counter products in the healthcare industry, protection is not guaranteed. Most vendors in online marketplaces, i.e., Amazon, eBay, Facebook, etc., focus on maximizing profits using the cheapest packaging possible. Online marketplaces take an average of 20% of the vendor’s profits. Therefore, these small businesses must be frugal to receive earnings. The problem is that cheap and frugal should not be associated with healthcare product packaging. It is imperative to have the proper protection for these products to work efficiently.

Temperature Control strips and most over-the-counter products must be stored at room temperature to ensure they function correctly. 

We selected FDA-compliant insulated thermal bubble mailers designed to keep temperatures consistent during transit. It is essential to regulate as much temperature as possible since we are in the beautiful sunny desert of Las Vegas, Nevada. These silver insulated thermal bubble mailers provide a flashy design and reduce shipping costs, which allows us to provide our customers with free shipping and affordable product prices.

Bubble Wrap

Some packages may get squished during shipment. Therefore, your items may appear damaged when received. We try to ensure your order doesn’t arrive damaged by adding a second layer of bubble wrap.

A 9-pack of test strips in bubble wrap

A 9-pack of test strips in bubble wrap being put into a FDA-compliant insulated thermal bubble mailer

Test strips and over-the-counter items are essential to our customer's health, and we take extra care to ensure they arrive undamaged at their doorstep.

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