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5 Reasons to Buy

Diabetes is stressful, buying test strips shouldn't be. 

1.  Get exactly what you want. 

Pick the exact expiration date of your test strips. Learn more.expiration-date.original.png

2.  No more crushed boxes. 

Your test strips are carefully packaged for shipment. Learn more.


3.  Protection from extreme temperatures. 

Thermal mailers ensure optimal temperature control during shipment. Learn more.


4.  Industry leading 100-day return policy with FREE return shipping.

Enjoy that bloody mary, since you have nothing to worry about. Learn more.


5.  Ranked #1 on Amazon, eBay, Google & Trustpilot.

Expect nothing less than 5-Star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ service on every order. Learn more.