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Team Xeteor
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As anyone who has purchased test strips can attest, one of the most frustrating experiences is opening up a package to find test strips that expire in 1 month. With xeteor, we help you avoid this situation by showing you the exact expiration date you will receive.

We always show you what expiration dates are available.  It is required to add the item to your cart.

The price may vary depending on the expiration date.  Usually the shortest date is the cheapest.

99.9% of the time, you will get exactly the expiration date you ordered.  There is a slight chance that we may run out, in which case we will send you a longer expiration date box for the same price.

For example, you place an order for 4-30-2019 test strips which cost $44.99.  We run out of 4-30-2019 test strips.  We will send you 5-31-2019, 6-30-2019 or 7-31-2019 test strips for $44.99 even though the longer expiration dates have a higher price.

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