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What are Return Policies on Test Strips?

Dec 18th 2017

While we offer 100-day returns with free return shipping, return policies for test strips vary widely online. Most reputable companies will offer a reasonable return policy with no restocking fees. Here is a list of return policies we see from online retailers selling test strips.


We typically don't see legitimate retailers on eBay and therefore most sales are final. While prices are low, sellers tend to have a couple of boxes selling at a discount price. The origin of the boxes are often a mystery and something all buyers of test strips should be concerned about. You can read more about this here. However, you are covered by eBay's Money Back Guarantee, which may help in case of a dispute.


We see a mixture of sellers on Amazon. For retailers that utilize Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), return policies are typically the same as Amazon's. Due to the sheer number of sellers on Amazon, if you plan to purchase, be sure to select a merchant that uses Amazon's 30-day return policy. Retailers who are posting products on Amazon from overseas typically won't allow returns.


All sales are final (click on "Pharmacy") for diabetic test strips at Walmart. However, Walmart also offers a "Marketplace" similar to Amazon. Here return policies vary by merchant. Typically, we see medical supply companies selling in this marketplace. In general, there are less sellers in Walmart's marketplace as compared with Amazon, but the sellers tend to be in the US and tend to be larger than on Amazon. This might be due to more thorough vetting by Walmart. Merchants on Walmart offer anywhere between no returns to 30 days. Many merchants charge a "restocking fee" of 15-20%. This means you'll be paying a fee if you want to return your item with some merchants in Walmart's marketplace.


As with most reputable retailers, Walgreens allows returns up to 30 days. You can either return by mail (they will pay for postage) or return to a Walgreens retail location.


CVS offers 60 day returns on items purchased in their store or online. This is a solid return policy and ensures a worry free buying experience. However, unlike Walgreens, CVS requires you to call them in order to return your item. For damaged products, they will not reimburse you for shipping the item back.

Online Retailers

Return policies vary in this category from "all sales final" to 90 days. Reputable retailers will offer at least a 30 day return policy. Most retailers in this category will not pay for return shipping. We were unable to find one that did, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. Many retailers in this category also charge restocking fees, so be sure to check the return policy before buying.

Other Retailers

Many non-reputable retailers do not offer returns because they tend to focus on "short dated" (expiration dates under 6 months) test strips. In addition, if they offered returns, they would not be able to resell the items since items will be expired. It's common sense, but we recommend not buying from retailers who don't offer at least some kind of return policy.


At xeteor, we looked at many return policies before deciding on a 100-day return policy with free return shipping. We believe in giving you maximum confidence in your purchase. In addition, we don't resell our returned test strips because while we store and ship them properly in a temperature controlled environment (thanks to our FDA compliant insulated thermal mailers), we don't know how test strips are stored once out of our packaging. Therefore to ensure we don't sell you non-temperature controlled test strips, we will not resell our strips and can offer you a longer window for returns.

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