Hack to Save 40% on Contour Next Test Strips

Posted by Team xeteor on Aug 11th 2023

Hack to Save 40% on Contour Next Test Strips

Save 40% on Contour Next Test Strips - Buying Guide

Let’s answer the first question right away: How do I save 40% on Contour Next Test Strips? Buy the Contour Next boxes large healthcare companies, health insurance and Medicare buy. Why? They get the lowest price from the manufacturer because they purchase more test strips than you.

Is the Contour Next 70 Count Box a health insurance box?

No - If you’re buying the 70 count boxes, you’re not getting the lowest price paid by health insurance, Medicare, and hospitals. The 70 count boxes were created for consumers. They come with labels like “40% more”, “Value Pack”, and “cheaper than your co-pay” however, they do not provide the best value. Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS all carry this box. We did a comparison showing your average savings over a year by switching to the 50 Count Boxes.

What Contour Next box does health insurance buy?

Hospitals, health insurance companies, Medicare all buy the 50 count boxes. This is the lowest price for Contour Next Test Strips because they buy the most volume.

Where can I find Contour Next 50 count boxes?

You won’t find them at Walgreens, CVS, Amazon or Walmart unless you have insurance or Medicare. Even in that case, you may not find them because many health insurance companies require you to use their mail-order pharmacy to receive the lower priced boxes.

How do I know which box is consumer and which box is health insurance or Medicare?

Look for the number in the lower left corner of your Contour Next box. If you see 7279 (70 Count Box), 7277 (30 Count Box), or 7550 (15 Count Box), you’re buying the consumer box. If you see 7308 (Medicare) or 7309 (Health Insurance), you’re getting the lower priced 50 Count Box usually not available to consumers.

What's the actual savings in dollar terms?

The average consumer buys 1,200 test strips a year. Based on that number you would save over $250 a year by purchasing the 50 count box over the 70 count box. If you buy more than 1,200 test strips a year, the savings is even higher at over $350 for 1,680 test strips. See a full comparison of Contour Next Test Strips 50 Count vs 70 Count here.

By purchasing at least 2 boxes of Contour Next 50 Test Strips (100 strips total) at xeteor.com, you get the lowest price for Contour Next Test Strips. See a full price comparison compared to Amazon Prime and Walmart. We offer fast free shipping nationwide and next day shipping in Las Vegas, Nevada.