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OneTouch Verio Test Strips

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What are the different box colors?

Manufacturers make the same product for different sales channels.  While the product is the same, the outside of the box is different.  We acquire the box which is the lowest price and pass the savings on to you. Currently, OneTouch is the in the process of updating their box colors to Green/Yellow/White.  The Black/White & Blue/White boxes will be phased out.

Originally there were 2 colors (both are the same):

Black/White = OneTouch Verio DME Box 

Blue/White = OneTouch Verio Retail Box

Currently there are 3 colors (all three are the same):

Black/White = Old OneTouch Verio DME Box

Blue/White = Old OneTouch Verio Retail Box

Green/Yellow/White = New OneTouch Verio Box (for both DME and Retail)

Visit our blog to learn more about box colors!

Manufacturer LifeScan (Johnson & Johnson)
Manufacturer Phone 1-888-567-3003  (English), 1-888-567-3010  (Spanish)
Manufacturer Website
Product Size 1.2 x 2.5 x 3.2 (L x W x H)
Product Weight 0.8 ounces
NDC 53885-271-50
UPC 353885009768
Shipping Free Standard Shipping
Shipping Requirements Store between 41F - 86F
Shipping Materials FDA-compliant insulated thermal mailer

Is the difference between the OneTouch Verio Test Strips White DME Box, OneTouch Verio Test Strips Blue Retail Box & the new Green/Yellow OneTouch Verio Box?

No, there is no difference.  We work to source the lowest price for our customers which includes alternative boxes. When you select your preferred expiration date, the picture of the box will tell you exactly which box you will receive. Visit our blog to learn more! 

Can I buy OneTouch Verio Test Strips with Insurance or Medicare on your website?

No, we do not work with insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid.  This enables us to keep our prices low for people who pay out of pocket for their test strips.  If you do have insurance or Medicare, be sure to check your co-pay as our cash price maybe lower than your co-pay.

What meters work with OneTouch Verio Test Strips? 

  • OneTouch Verio Family of Meters

What are the main features of OneTouch Verio Test Strips?

  • Smallest sample size ever at 0.4μl and fast results in just 5 seconds
  • Side fill test strip - great for righties and lefties
  • 5 years of proven accuracy at very low and very high blood glucose levels
  • Accuracy you can trust
  • In vitro diagnostic
  • For blood glucose testing

How do I store OneTouch Verio Test Strips?

  • Store between 41F - 86F

Can I use OneTouch Verio Test Strips more than once?

  • NO - For single use only
  • Do not use if glued seals are broken
  • Consult instructions for use

Can I use OneTouch Verio Test Strips after the expiration date?

  • NO - Do not use if expiration date has passed
  • Record discard date on the vial
  • Discard 6 months after opening
  • Dispose of used test strips properly

What is contained in each OneTouch Verio Test Strip?

  • flavin adenline dinucleotide dependent glucose dehydrogenase or FAD-GDH (from Aspergillus sp.) - 2 U; potassium ferricyanide 41μg; and other ingredients (buffer, etc.)
  • The vial contains a drying agent 

What US patents cover OneTouch Verio Test Strips?

  • Contents covered by one or more of the following US patents: 6,179,979, 6,284,125, 6,716,577, 6,749,887, 6,863,801, 7,045,046, 7,498,132, and 7,846,312.
  • Use of these test strips and associated monitoring device is protected under the following US patent: 7,749,371.
  • Purchase of the associated monitoring device does not act to grant a use license under this patent. Such a license is granted only when the associated monitoring device is use with the OneTouch Verio Test Strip. No test strip supplier other than LifeScan, Inc. is authorized to grant such a license. The accuracy of results generated with LifeScan meters using test strips manufactured by anyone other than LifeScan has not been evaluated by LifeScan.

Where can I find out more information about OneTouch Verio Test Strips?

How do I insert the OneTouch Verio® test strip into the meter?

Insert the OneTouch Verio® test strip into the test strip port with the gold side of the test strip and the two silver prongs facing you.

How much blood do I need for the OneTouch Verio® test strip?

The OneTouch Verio® test strips require only 0.4μl of blood.

How do I apply blood on the OneTouch Verio® test strip?

  • When you insert the test strip into the meter, the Apply Blood screen appears on the display, you can then apply your blood sample to either side of the test strip (to the opening of the channel).
  • Apply your sample to the opening of the channel.
  • Be sure to apply your sample immediately after you get a drop of blood
  • Holding the meter at a slight angle, guide the channel to the blood drop
  • When it touches your sample, the test strip wicks blood into the channel. The channel should fill completely
  • The channel turns red and the meter will count down from 5 to 1
  • Blood should not be applied on the top of the test strip or to the top edge of the test strip.

How should I store my OneTouch Verio®test strips?

  • Keep test strips in a cool, dry place between 41°F and 86°F. The meter and test strips should be about the same temperature before you test. Do Not test if there is condensation (water build-up) on the meter. Move your meter and test strips to a cool, dry spot and wait for the meter surface to dry before testing.
  • Do Not open the test strip vial until you are ready to remove a test strip and perform a test. Use the test strip immediately after removing it from the vial.
  • Tightly close the cap on the vial immediately after use to avoid contamination and damage.
  • Store unused test strips only in their original vial.
  • Do Not return the used test strip to the vial after performing a test.
  • Do Not re-use a test strip that had blood, control solution, or any contaminants applied to it. Test strips are for single use only.
  • With clean, dry hands, you may touch the test strip anywhere on its surface. Do Not bend, cut or modify the test strip in any way.
  • Do Not use test strips after the expiration or discard date, whichever comes first.
  • When you first open a vial of test strips, record the discard date on the label. Refer to the test strip insert or vial label for instructions on determining the discard date.

When should I use OneTouch Verio®Control Solutions?

You should perform a control solution test:

  • Whenever you open a new vial of test strips.
  • If you suspect that the meter or test strips are not working properly.
  • If you have had repeated unexpected blood glucose results.
  • If you drop or damage the meter.

What is the purpose of using OneTouch Verio® control solution?

OneTouch Verio® control solutions are used to check that the blood glucose meter and test strips are working together properly and that the test is performing correctly.

What control solution should I use with OneTouch Verio® brand meters & test strips?

Only use OneTouch Verio® control solution, Level 3 (Mid) or Level 4 (High) with your OneTouch Verio® brand meters and test strips

Where can I get the control solution for my meter?

OneTouch Verio® control solution can be ordered at or where diabetes testing supplies are sold.

What is the difference between the OneTouch Verio® Level 3 (Mid) or Level 4 (High) Control Solutions?

Each level of control solution has a different range to help check if your blood glucose meter and test strips are working together properly. Each vial of test strips has both OneTouch Verio® Level 3 (Mid) and OneTouch Verio® Level 4 (High) control solution ranges printed on its label. Compare the result displayed on the meter to either the OneTouch Verio® Level 3 (Mid) or OneTouch Verio® Level 4 (High) control solution range printed on the test strip vial, depending on the type of control solution you used.

Does my meter detect the difference between blood and control solution?

Yes, the meter automatically detects and marks the result as a control solution test.

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