Sugar-Free Chocolate

Sugar-Free Chocolate

Posted by Team Xeteor on Jan 10th 2018

We thought it would be nice to send our best customers sugar-free chocolate for Christmas as a small token of our appreciation.

Reviews of the chocolate have been largely positive, although we must improve on highlighting the "sugar-free" part. For those that missed it, our apologies and we hope your family members enjoyed.

The chocolate is from Jinju Chocolates and hand made locally here in Las Vegas.  Jin Caldwell, the owner of Jinju Chocolates, formerly an award winning pastry chef and chocolatier at Wynn Resorts & Bellagio left to start her own chocolate business. We believe in supporting small business and like to work with local merchants who offer interesting products. 

In this case, the chocolate was not only interesting, but exceptional. We wanted to thank Jin for specifically hand crafting sugar-free chocolate for our customers.

If you liked the chocolate or would like to try some, Jinju Chocolate has online ordering, so you can always order more.  Remember, everything in moderation :-)

Again, thank you to our great customers! We'll keep searching for interesting products for you to enjoy.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to let us know.

-Team Xeteor